When we talk about brand awareness, we usually talk about measuring the number of people in a market segment who are aware of the existence of a brand. It is usually expressed in percentage form of a certain demographic segment. Companies usually strive hard to create a brand awareness and to hold onto the same amidst several other products and services that cater to the same customers in the same segment. It is essential that a memorable brand is created so that the customers will purchase the brand’s products and services even if there are other products or services in the same segment.

Brand recall aspect

When we talk about brand awareness there are two components that we talk about. The first aspect is brand recall which refers to the extent to which people are able to recall a brand with similar associations of images, sounds and ad campaigns. The brand recall factor is strong of legendary brands like Pepsi, which is associated with most fizzy drinks. Most events agency that is appointed, usually work to strengthen the brand recall of a company’s products and services.

Brand recognition

The other aspect of brand awareness is brand recognition. Recognition can come by through different aspects. For instance, the red color of the Coca Cola cans is legendary and has created a strong association or recognition of the brand as soon as the same red shade is seen on fizzy drink cans. The events agency who is appointed to arrange a different brand related events usually focus on strengthening the brand recognition aspects.

Market research

There can be negative as well as positive perceptions about a brand and market research needs to be done by the marketing agencies in order to determine the kind of association that is created in the minds of the target customers by the ad campaigns and promotional activities that are carried out. It is imperative the right attributes are associated with a brand in order to get a meaningful image of a brand in the minds of the target customers.

Changes in brand images

As a brand changes the image or perception of the same needs to be changed in the minds of the target customers. This can be achieved by launching the right kinds of campaigns in the form of ads through different media platforms or giving away unique experiences to the existing customers. The existing customers need to benefit from the changes in the brand and the brand awareness needs to be strengthened through the right marketing initiatives. Monitoring the effects of brand awareness, recall and association are some of the key objectives of a marketing agency. Click this link https://theatticism.com/ for more information about marketing agency in Sydney.