There was a time when people used to present their visiting cards to introduce the nature of business, there was a time when a wallpaper vendor used to show a thick portfolio of his artwork in order to grab the attention of a client but now there is only one thing which is actually a culmination of so many things or in simple words it’s an all in 1 deal. Yes! This is the era of a dot com, every business has a well-developed website which contains all the details, prices, varieties and sample videos and pictures of a company’s product.

www has made things so easy for consumers and for the businesses that, promotional activities are always open, automatized attraction for the customer (even when businesses are not promoting). The catchier a website the more attraction for the consumer and customers. The page which displays every content we see is called a ‘webpage’ now the question is how this pages displays all the information? From where that slide is coming down in a magical way? How such videos are playing automatically the moment we point the cursor on it? And how attractive those fonts, animations and colors are on the webpage? All the above mentioned magical things are a reflection of some unique coding and designing which, as a sum up called ‘web designing’. Graphic designing, user interfaces, standard codes and values and SEO all comes under the umbrella of web design agency in Canberra, although companies segregate these sections and make them separate fields of the same department (in order to get the best from each section). A web designer must be aware of web accessibility and usability from the consumer’s end. It was the time in 1996 when people were amazed to see the invention and usability of a computer in their lives and were trying to explore more and more about this machine, when Microsoft first launched a fully equipped ready to use browser with superb features and user friendly captions, which was only capable to show tabular form of data. Quickly the designers realized the need of complex and attractive features on the webpage and that’s how they explored the HTML language even more, to establish complex algorithms and perplexed layout which can catch the eyes of the end viewer or user. That was the time of 1998 when Netscape launched its’ browser after this era internet became unstoppable. For more information, please log on to 

To flourish even more in this field web designers learned HTML, oracle and so many other coding in order to make a website look more and more interesting catchy and able to be frequently visited. Music, animation, pictures and now movable pictures are there to enhance the beauty for the user and each and everything we are watching even on this website as well “it’s a display of numerous coding, designing and languages”