Paying close attention to small detail within the branding development process & cohesive styling and consistency is recommended by experts in order to ensure leveraging success, boosting business & improving customer loyalty. Studies by realtors in the United States confirm approximately that 87% of home buyers in 2018, purchased their dream through real estate agents. The trend is evident in multiple developed countries across the globe which is a revelation to the expanding need for housing where small scale to high end businesses is established constantly. The objective of successfully expanding a business within the real estate sector is highly dependent on the marketing plans among many other aspects. In Australia, small businesses & large are partnering with a brand design agency and other cities in boosting sales.Compiled below are a few key areas to be focused in creation of a successful marketing strategy in achieving sustainable growth.

Website & Blog

With communication getting simplified and information being transferred faster than previous eras, organizational websites have become front end marketing tools. Maintaining listing information, reviewing and updating can be a daunting task but can be outsourced or maintained in-house depending on the level of business expected. Parallel to a website, blogs are maintained with created content for SEO. This process ensures prospects being informed of listings available at each search. Google Analytics & Ahrefs are used constantly in optimising the process for keywords to target clientele.

E-mail Marketing & Staging

Monthly newsletters updated with the website & blog content for a month could be emailed with fresh property listings along with virtual staging. Virtual staging grouped within a newsletter not only creates a higher marketing level but provides a sneak peak of listings better than simple imagery. Online staging is considered as a value addition in saving time and money in comparison to physically staging a property. Staged homes sales is approximately 6 – 25 % higher than upstaged listings as per various studies. A property marketing agency Melbourne or other are capable of providing services or recommend professionals that could provide required assistance in completing such tasks.

Experiential Marketing

Whilst completing a staging process of a property, Inviting prospects to an open house could be an avenue to provide information on buying processes with interaction into a real world situation and build trust.

Local Business Partnerships

Partnering with local connections such as home décor showrooms, clothing stores, coffee shops could create avenues in promoting listings and selected print material. Setting up a pop shop in a staged location for businesses could also add value to real estate business components generally required subsequently by prospective buyers. Partnerships could also provide special rates for mutual business gains which can be value added features in competing within the sector.


With modern day technology creating information access ease, usage of Instagram, Zillow, Pinterest & other social media applications & tools could be utilized for promotional purposes. Categorizing and strategically informing target audiences through selected imagery could assist in higher sales. Usage of aerial imagery along with others also creates a better idea of the listing on sale.Whilst ideas on strategies can vary from area to prospective client base & other, being uniquely creative within the sector or usage of professionals is considered the best approach in ensuring regular business growth for any business sector.