Are you tired of listening celebrity gossip? Or are you too much interested in listening to them? What about their photos in newspaper, magazines and social networking sites. Celebrity is a great source for making money today. Given paparazzi, their stories, and photos are sold for one and only purpose of making money. Once you visit social networking sites and search engines you can find plenty of photos and videos which are meant to increase their TRP. They try to sell a story to their fan. They would appear in any form. If a celebrity is famous enough, he can expose to sell even his/her daily routine. Visit this website to gain more knowledge regarding selling a story.

This idea must have come up into your mind that how to sell celebrity videos and photos. In case you are the one who is trying to sell a celebrity photo, you need to very careful. You are selling an authentic photo of your favorite celebrity; you need to check for the right deal which can bring you profit alone. Believe it or not selling it for a good price is still a very tough job, and you will be required to end up your deal with no satisfaction. Selling and purchasing of celebrity photos can be arranged from auctions. These auctions are organized in a media event or on the internet. You can find pamphlets around your locality or market area which declares the date and venue of the auction. On the other hand, you can find many sites online which declare auctioning of celebrity photos and videos which are open for both buying and selling option.

If you are buying a photo from the auction, the seller will claim for its authenticity, and they will try to convince you that it is their original photo, and it has not been copied. But to tell you the fact in ^60% of the cases they are a copy of the original one being sold to you by lying. Disputes on this issue have been for a very long period. More than one person claims for the authenticity of the same photo and they fight to claim that it is their possession and copied versions have been sold in the market.

It may happen that you visited Hollywood and witnessed a celebrity, and it came out in your favor that you have taken his/her photos on your personal camera. If you know the authenticity of the photos, you can make a heavy amount of money by selling them to the right newspaper and magazine. Getting celebrity paparazzi photos is not a easy job but if you get lucky, you never know what you can make out of it. Most of the photos of celebrity are from a photo shoot or award shows. If you can take photos from their normal day to day life activity, it is going to be sold for a good amount as photos are very much in demand.