There are different events that happen throughout the year in different settings. These events range from informal family affairs to formal corporate affairs. Some companies make a career of planning these events as planners which is already a very lucrative business. This is because these companies make planning easier by doing everything from planning to execution of the occasion. Here are some events that would benefit from using the services of an event planner:

1. Weddings

People get married from different settings, and different backgrounds. It’s a normal life event such as birth, and death where even though it’s a social construct, it’s so ingrained in to the mentality of humans. You will attend at least three or more weddings each year. This is the most important event in the life of the people who are getting married. Therefore, they want the best of everything for them, hence they will contract the planning of the wedding off to another private party. It takes away all the trouble from the couple leaving them to concentrate on enjoying their day.

2. Corporate events / conferences

Corporate conferences are very hard to plan. This is because there is so much that should go in to the planning of these events. From finding a venue to ensuring security, and to inviting the stakeholders in the company. They could be even inter-company related corporate events which are industry wide events. These events are given over to a corporate event planner who are professionals in planning these events. They have the expertise related to this field of planning corporate events.

3. Birthdays

Birthdays are a daily occurrence. Though not all of you will have an extravagant party celebrating your birthday, some of you might have a huge birthday celebration on a significant birth year such as sixteen, eighteen, twenty one or even the fiftieth birthday. Either way, a huge birthday party requires prior planning as there will be invitations to be sent out, and reservations made according to the number who confirms attendance. You should make sure that everything else is in place. Therefore the best thing to do is to get the help of an event planner who will do everything for you.

4. Company promotions

Companies at different times of the year come up with different promotions. This might be due to various reasons such as trying to sell off old stock, or maybe because of the festive season. Special promotions that happen to elevate the public image of the company needs so much planning. It’s better to hire the services of a corporate event planner during this crucial time to help plan this event.
These four events are not the only events that require event planners. There are so many more instances when you would need it. This is just to give you a rough idea of the type of events that a event planner would take on.